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Design Auto Biography

Jasmine Mason


Design Autobiography



It’s is actually amazing as to all of the materials, objects, spaces, building, and places that eventually lead to my decision to come to the university of Kentucky. The influences from all of these areas that led me to enrolling in the university of Kentucky are actually still pretty influencing and the influence of the designs have been a big trigger to my imagination and design processes.


http://www.skyshotsblimpcam.com/db2/00172/skyshotsblimpcam.com/_uimages/waterfront_lg.gifI have always been the one to be highly interested in natural and how beautiful it truly is. As I child I wasn’t the one to want to run through the middle of the forest and observe the sight however I was often fascinated by the beautiful park setups. Usually, younger children don’t often go to playgrounds and notice the design of the park however that was a huge attention catcher for me. It gave me ideas at such a young age; how I would want my swing set to be in the back yard one day, noticing a new type of chair swings and incorporating it into my doodles.

http://pacewater.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/louisville-waterfront-park-fountain-with-kid.jpg    In Louisville, Kentucky, my hometown, we have a park called the Waterfront Park. It’s a pretty big down town attraction with multiple playgrounds and a great site of the Ohio River.  My grandmother used to take me and my cousins there over the summer to run through the water sprinklers, have a picnic, and listen to music.

    Of the many years of drawing and sketching, music was always a big part of that. It’s calmed me and soothed my mind. When I first got a boom box I was so enthused. At the time it was a new radio and boom boxes where in however the designs continues to change and I continued to upgrade. As a matter of fact I was able to design my own radio in high school for a project and this was actually a reason I became interested in design. How things change but for the better, the reformation of design over time and how it is most user sufficient. After creating this new design and presenting it to my class, I was in love with how fascinated and impressed people were by my ideas and thoughts. As a matter of fact my radio design was eventually transformed into a mobile phone.

http://www.bmwblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2005305031410780076_rs.jpghttp://www.technobuffalo.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/iphone-5s-home-button-mockup-3-1280x960.jpg    At the time, MP3 phones where in and everyone either wanted or had one. The designs of these phones have changed so much overtime, not, not only do they play music but they take pictures, record, used a Tv and radio remotes and more. Every year a new phone comes out and every year I want that newer design. The design of mobile phones have enable society to do literally everything they would do on a daily but using a lot let gas (to pay bills), a light source in hand, and more.

    Like the design of the mobile phone has significantly changed over time and has influenced me in many ways, they design of interior automobile spaces have significantly changed too. I went through many phases of things I liked to draw between cartoons and animals go faces, places, and spaces. I started drawing car interiors and motorcycles. I wanted to figure out what I could do differently. Because I was at such a young age, many of my drawings were unrealistic and simply impossible but this is what got my imagination going. I am still able to used some of those crazy ideas in designs today, just a little more realistic and better thought out.


The beauty of parks, the high tech phones and radio designs, cars and etc are all influences on my thoughts of design however design doesn’t only exist in places. What about fashion? Before I was set on architecture and interior design I was interested in fashion design. I am a big fan on clothing and costume design. Actually I attended about performing arts school where I majored in design and projection, costume design being my key area. This is where I realized all of the great things you could do with materials that don’t only have to apply to clothing. Let’s take blue jean for example blue Jean is http://elauwit.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/university-of-kentucky-dorm.jpgused in Costume design, fashion design and interior design.

    My desire to draw and recreate the all above are not the only reasons I am here. When colleges advertise their selves, sports and academics are huge attractions but what about dorms? When I first applied for colleges I looked at dorms and the quality. The design of dorms are getting better and better in my eyes and are improving for the better. Not only for visual attraction but also for the comfort of the user and environment. Excited for dorm life for the first time and the set up of my home away from home led me to attend UK.


All of these examples are influence of what led me to the university of Kentucky because the altering design changes overtime of all of the things previously mention are what really caught my we growing up. These designs and how they change are all what keep my creativity going. I believe I was introduced to things objects and places for a reasons therefore I wouldn’t be where I am today.








Timeline NOV 26

The timeline experience was actually pretty interesting in my eyes. It gave us as students a better and visual idea as to how often new material, places, spaces, objects, and buildings were created that served some significance within its design. I learned the different things each person found important and the many different reasons. Also how similar designs were progressively changed over the years. I don’t believe my sense of design shifted as a result of this project.

Who Leads Design: Nov 19, 2013

Who leads design? The way I see it, we could look at this in many perspectives. When is comes to design every person in the process plays a very key role to bring the design to life.

Many people may say the designer leads design. This person comes up with a design suitable to for whatever object, space, or place and creates a design to satisfy the client. A designer can come up with any design or new style or design and influence other designers and people all over to mimic the idea, creating something that can possibly turn into an international or global style.

I would also say we as individuals lead design. Many people look forward to that time where they are able to have their own homes, design it the way they want and share their ideas. Designers aren’t the only ones who tend to think outside the box. Often, a client can come up with a particular design but may need the assistance of someone with more knowledge and experience to help bring that design into his or her home.

Everyday someone is creating something, inventing something, drafting ideas, and Sharing them with friends, family, and people all over; and doing so without having the title of a “designer”.

Leading design doesn’t mean being a the head and lead of all designs to be designed and past designs, but it’s could mean who is in charge of a particular step in making a design possible. The plumber, electrician, etc.

International Vs Global: Nov 15., 2013

In the 1960’s, to be international I feel like meant maybe one style shared between 2 nations or one style eventually being introduced to one nation from another vs a particular style being spread and shared nation wide.

In today’s culture to be global means to involve the world as a whole, any nation and not just a particular nation or too. Today for example we have worldwide teachers and students researching to get a better understanding of the global environment. Or how designers all over work together for global building and manufacturing ideas.

Comparing International and Global I personally see a lot of similarities but I think the important difference between the two however would be
That international has a lot to do with a style of short being shared between 2 nations where global couldn’t be any and every nation. I always believe the idea in something being international can definitely turn into something global as time goes on and depending on what is actually being shared.

Charles and Ray Creations: Nov 12, 2013


Another Design created by Charles and Ray a Eames is the House of Cards in 1952. This design is actually a structure of a house, made out of cards with different prints and designs in which each design or print reflected something significant in the couples life. This structure serves a great meaning to Charles and Ray Eames around this time and they also created more types of House of Card structures.