Ancient Architecture/ Charles Moffat

After speculating what I have heard in class so far and what I have read, there are a few examples as to how Moffat connected ideas across time and space. As mentioned in the beginning of the article we have been building structures on higher surfaces but aren’t sure of any precise dates they were built. In other words we have been building upward with no real idea of precise dates or purposes 10 to 15 millenniums ago. In built form, over time buildings have been built more securely and longer lasting. Referring back to the article, in Egypt, the Elephantine Island and the Ruined City of Tiahuanacu in Bolivia started using similar techniques to make the overall structure longer lasting. In that case he states how pyramids are the prime example of human spirits aspiration to build something indestructible.  Being that the first pyramids were actually found in Mesopotamia and Zimbabwe, Moffat mentions how interesting incredibly interesting it that was considering the fact Africa is the birth place of civilization. Africa is also were the oldest surviving structures are and where the beginning of building upward began. He connected the idea of building upward with the fact The Greeks strove to emulate the gobs by building on top of mountains. I think it is safe to assume Moffat is giving examples of how the idea of building upward progressively grew across space over time.


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