The Elements and Principles of Design

Sidney Johns made it perfectly clear as to how the Elements and principles of Design are and how they are important, to art that is but not so much of design’. Although Johns had a few points I must disagree with his position at the end of the reading simply because he is talking about the elements of design in a sense of decorating and art work instead of how the elements and principles of design are used in Interior Design or design in general. He continues to explain how they are used in art but it seems as if he overlooked how these are used in design and the function of these elements in design. I say function because even though he described how and why these elements are significant to art, he is describing these elements being used for art work (no function) instead of how they are used in Interior design. Also he mentions how these concepts make the world of living a more pleasant experience for the population as a whole but this is not necessarily true.


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