Hersey Reading

After reading Hersey’s thesis of meaning, and breaking down how these classical elements can refer tso body parts of the human body and even other commonly used objects, I was able to relate this to the things I was able to observe at Pence Hall. Not only did he relate these elements to body parts and objects but symbolization as well.
             As I walked around and observed my surroundings in Pence Hall, I noticed many classical elements incorporated into the building design. Actually the first thing I noticed as I walked up the steps was the columns. As Heresy mentioned in his article, columns mark out boundaries, property, and jurisdictions. I feel that the architects and designers created these columns maybe for similar reasons. They could have been designed into the building because it shows Pence Hall is a building of its own and is not a part of or connected to any one building on campus. Above these columns was a molding that is clearly decorative and had some sort of meaning. Heresy mentioned a few molding meanings and representations like the s-curves and tongue and dart, however; I am not quite sure what they Pence molding may represent. I feel like the reasoning of the molding design here is some reason that relates to the original purpose of the building.

            Looking at the building structure as a whole, I can tell the architects used the column design or Rome diagram because you can obviously notice that the building is built off 5 large columns 3 in which are sticking out and 2 which are kind of lined up with each other but don’t come out as far as the other 3. This could have some sort of symbolic reasoning as well.

            If you stand outside and look at the building as a whole, you will notice for the most part it is actually symmetric but with a few slight differences on each side.  I could also see the firmness in the building. The steps as you walk in are concrete, then as you are in the building you first approach steps, these steps are made of a concrete or metal of sort. While on the subject of the steps, as I look a glass up, I saw the steps as they went up each floor. It reminded me of the idea of “stacking”.  As far as the basically color of the bricks, you can tell that the building has slightly aged simply because the orange color in the bricks are slightly faded.



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