Reform and Revival: Oct 8

Although reform and revival are two important components of design they both still have 2 different and distinct differences. When we make changes in order to improve say, design, that is what we would call reform. When an improvement in the condition or strength is made that is referred to as revival.

            Reform played a major role in the design world and one important aspect of that role would be around the idea of retail in the early 1900s. From a designers perspective this need to reform was important because in retail this is where designs are displayed to customers all over and purchased. As mentioned by Woodham, stores came together under one roof as one. These types of actions are what really improved the process of a designer selling their products. Industrially produced goods eventually became socially acceptable venues for unaccompanied women to meet as well as shop without damaging their reputations.

            Another reason there was a need for reform from a designer’s perspective is for a range of diversity. By the early 20th century’s department stores because centrally-heated and electrically lit. This was actually a better way to attract more customers and being that store were electrically lit and heated, it made it visually easier to see the products and their designs as well as shop more comfortably.  Department stores brought a wide range of diversity as well. Mail order developed on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean allowing people from all over from different cultures, purchase and view designers’ work.

            Although many people are naturally great artists and designers; others sometimes need more of a structural and educational practice to improve their designs. This is how reform from a designer’s perspective was a need. Referring back to Woodham’s chapter 1, Herman Muthesisu sought to reform education in the applied arts by basically placing a better emphasize on workshop training. Eventually DWD brought together artists and industries to improve quality and designs.

            In terms of design, everything really eventually became reformed. From the idea of retail and the combining of companies to heated and electrically lit stores, these were all reasons reform was a positive change and a needed one. All of these changes made through reform are what brought design to be what it has come to be today and speaking from a designer’s perspective reform is changing for the better and the continuing of it I feel will only improve the world of design.



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