Skyscrapers: Joanna Merwood-Salisbury Oct. 22, 2013

After watching Joanna Merwood-Salisbury lecture it is clear that she has a strong belief that the designs of these sky scrapers reflect the designers and the design build these buildings to reflect or have some sort of significance to chicago.

Evidence of this view was clear when she went into depth about the designs of Louis Sullivan,  John Wellborn, and Daniel Burnham and about the previous events that occurred in that city. Because these buildings and design are so significant to the these designers and their cities and ideas, the idea of them being “products” of the designers is actually a pretty understandable view in my eyes. it is also understandable that they may be referred to as products of the city because they are a significance to the cities history. “Symbols of capitalism’s inequality”. 

Much of Merwood-Salisbury’s evidence of these view came from the history of the building (time period it was designed and built, and why) or the history of the designers. I actually would agree with her view after listening to her go into depth about the Chicago Skyscrapers. 


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