The Bungalow: The Ideal Home

After reading this article it is very clear to me that there where many ideas communicated physically that people wanted to see in the bungalow. Anywhere from everyday living to occasional events, people (commonly women) had there own idea and preference as to how the bungalow should have been built, I feel.

As mentioned in the article the front porch was apparently the most important feature; “Ideal home for the lover of out-of-doors …”. There was a symbolic use of a spacious front porch and low-pitched roof that created a relationship to out door life echoed in materials to cover the exterior of the house. I feel this idea of having a big porch was communicated through female citizens because the porch is where people would basically have their chat or maybe even “gossip time”.

Another idea I feel was physically communicated was the idea of women cleaning and taking care of the house. The newer bungalow after the Victorian style was made a long simpler and plainer. This made it easier for women to keep it tidy and clean as well as doing other duties around the house. This always was a reason for less formal events to take part at ones home.

Health was an idea brought up that was physically communicated as well. Scene writers actually stressed relationships between the bungalow and good health. The women who compared her bungalow purchase to a dry western stated where she receive Asthma treatment, said it was the best decision she mad. I think the idea that the bungalow home was a healthy living place and was a hygienic environment was an idea that was communicated through many people. Everyone wanted to live in a health environment and that factor is one that made he bungalow a popular living space.

A need for space could have been communicated physically as well or the growth of family and after a while You would notice the bungalow being introduced in a way that make it clear and obvious that it is spacious. For example there was a figure of a new paper with a bungalow and at the very beginning of the description it stated “This handsome 4 bedroom …”, implying that not only was it a very appealing but spacious for what may have been the average family size at the time.

I think overall citizens communicated these ideas physically just by living their everyday lives and going about their daily activities and designers did the job of maybe a living space that will coordinate with these everyday activities.


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