Modern Design Oct 29, 2013

To be modern in design has very clear and definite meaning to it. The modern in today’s design are highly represented through furniture, accessories, and color. These 3 key components are what can make a space, such as a living room, modern.

Modern designs consist of very sleek, uncluttered, and clean. There are many geometric shapes and these areas are often built without traditional decoration and to embrace, in a way, concrete, chrome, glass, and other industrial materials.

The sustainability of furniture has became more of an importance for modern spaces like living rooms. The amount of furniture pieces are kept to a bare minimum to prevent from having a cluttered space. Before today’s modern design, you would see many homes with a whole living room set consisting one the couch, love seat, and recliner and accompanied with other piece of furniture like a few side tables, coffee table, entertainment stand or Tv Stand, and maybe a few more pieces.

Another aspect that makes modern design, modern is the usage if accessories. In today’s modern design, living spaces like living room areas use art rather than accessories or “decoration”. You wouldn’t often find cute little collectible trinkets and quilts draped over couches and recliners for the most part. Often in the modern design, art pieces will serve as a focal point for that space.

When it comes to color, modern designs really embrace the pure colors like black, white and neutral coloring as well as vibrant primary colors. Today’s color schemes are still neutral colors and white and of course with some color accent. Although some color accent may be used in modern design and it enhances impact overall in a design, too many different colors may over power the “modern” design.


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