The Impacts of Wl and Wll Nov 5, 2013

To my understanding, there were quite a few influences that impacted the development of modernism that resulted from world war l and ll however there were a few particular key elements that stood out to me the most and I had a clear understanding of. Some of these key influences and elements are the possession of an auto mobile, Post War suburban growth, the idea of a dream house/ kitchen, and how the US influence Italy after they had made their recovery.

The possession of an automobile actually ran over 5 million per annum even though production during the middle of the war was highly limited. This change had an influence on signage and ornament.

Developed in the years following the first war, Post War suburban growth saw much development of larger shopping places. These physically changes became very apparent afterwards especially around the time of the post Second World War where the pattern of much larger developments were introduced such as the Northgate Shoppling Centre.

William J. Levitt’s company built many houses and expanded these activities across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. This physically and social change gave me a better understand as to how the key elements of the wars impacted modernism. The spread of these newly found ideas became not only a typically want but need of sort for many. The idea if having a ‘dream’ house that one could live in for a long time came with the luxurious thoughts of possible advantages homeowners could have like electric kitchen laundry.


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