International Vs Global: Nov 15., 2013

In the 1960’s, to be international I feel like meant maybe one style shared between 2 nations or one style eventually being introduced to one nation from another vs a particular style being spread and shared nation wide.

In today’s culture to be global means to involve the world as a whole, any nation and not just a particular nation or too. Today for example we have worldwide teachers and students researching to get a better understanding of the global environment. Or how designers all over work together for global building and manufacturing ideas.

Comparing International and Global I personally see a lot of similarities but I think the important difference between the two however would be
That international has a lot to do with a style of short being shared between 2 nations where global couldn’t be any and every nation. I always believe the idea in something being international can definitely turn into something global as time goes on and depending on what is actually being shared.


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