Who Leads Design: Nov 19, 2013

Who leads design? The way I see it, we could look at this in many perspectives. When is comes to design every person in the process plays a very key role to bring the design to life.

Many people may say the designer leads design. This person comes up with a design suitable to for whatever object, space, or place and creates a design to satisfy the client. A designer can come up with any design or new style or design and influence other designers and people all over to mimic the idea, creating something that can possibly turn into an international or global style.

I would also say we as individuals lead design. Many people look forward to that time where they are able to have their own homes, design it the way they want and share their ideas. Designers aren’t the only ones who tend to think outside the box. Often, a client can come up with a particular design but may need the assistance of someone with more knowledge and experience to help bring that design into his or her home.

Everyday someone is creating something, inventing something, drafting ideas, and Sharing them with friends, family, and people all over; and doing so without having the title of a “designer”.

Leading design doesn’t mean being a the head and lead of all designs to be designed and past designs, but it’s could mean who is in charge of a particular step in making a design possible. The plumber, electrician, etc.


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